TH Consulting Services

TH Consulting Services exists help company’s solve 21st century problems using 21st century tools and solutions.

TH Consulting Services is a reseller of 21st Century niche or unique solutions and products delivered by providers who focus on a single line of business. While at this point I’m a sole proprietor I will use “we” and “our” throughout my site because my partners work with me to deliver these products to our clients successfully. Clients can purchase solutions and products separately, or bundle them together, then we work together with my clients to deploy, deliver, and enjoy success through the use of those products and services.

  • I represent company’s who deliver the following:
  • Completely customizable video interviewing and video conferencing system that is mobile-friendly and super easy to use powered by VidCruiter.
    • Used by human resources to quickly fill open roles
    • Used by college and university admissions to more quickly identify the best fit for open slots
    • Used by law enforcement to revolutionize how small crime, cyber crime, financial crime witness statements and investigations are conducted.
  • Cybersecurity awareness training videos reminding people to be vigilant in using internet resources powered by NINJIO
  • Text marketing system to instantly communicate direct to cell phones through bulk messaging to keep in touch with people powered by Sentext Solutions

Take a look around my site, and let me know any questions you have!

Check out my Services section, click through my provider pages and see if there are any that you would benefit from and I’ll be happy to scheduling a demonstration.